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Padded Spear
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Two Piece Padded Spear

7 Reviews
Product Code: Pad.Spear.Two.Piece
The following items are included FREE with this product:

2 parts spear that breaks down.

Blade made of soft, elastic components, gives you full safety during trainings. Outer fabric guarantees long life of product and high resistance for any damage of blade.

Simulator designed for thrusting practice, or for light training in pairs without heavy strength involved. It is not intended to use this weapon to hit any hard, metal or sharp items, also to another simulator of the same type. Using too much strength while fighting two simulators, to hit one on another may cause damage of them.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of this item, the shaft and spear head may be slightly off center during assembly. We are working to improve this. Its very minor and will not affect the use of the product. But it may not be centered.

Blade section: rectangular

For safety reason we suggest to use groin protectors and masks for face protection (especially eyes) during the training with this type of weapon.

Important: This type of weapon is designed for light training without use of heavy protection gear. Hits on hard elements, for example wooden shields, or metal masks without soft overlays may cause damage of weapon.

Full Length: 75" long
Shaft Length:
44" (1117mm (48.5 with bolt)
Head Length:
4 lbs
Push Flex Test:
20 lb Push (Medium/Light)


Average Rating:
( 7 )
Brandon Foat from Minneapolis, MN United States
March 7, 2024
Great trainer for spear and partizan.
Heavy, but with forgivingly soft thrusting tip.
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Bruce Snyder from Cocoa, FL United States
November 6, 2023
Gift for 16 year old martial artist.
Ordered a two piece padded spear for my 16 year old grandson. Ordering was easy, shipping was fast. This was my third order from Purple Heart Armory. The first two being practice swords, and now the spear. This is the place to go for MA practice/training weapons.
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Anonymous Person
August 3, 2023
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Claire Allaprima from Michigan, United States
April 12, 2023
Good, but could be more precisely constructed.
They aren't kidding about the spear head being off-center in the description. It is very noticeable and I would say it very slightly affects the use of it. It is a great weight and is fun to use, the padding is great but I would still recommend a weapon, and the grip of the spear feels good, too. But don't expect perfection, the description warns about this and it is a warning you must heed, it mi
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Alexander Sherman from Ellensburg, WA United States
December 30, 2022
Safe and well built
The rubber grip on the spear shaft is really nice and the spear point itself is very safe even without gear. I would still always recommend a mask and gloves with all things HEMA. I would recommend this spear over anything on the market. Go-Now makes very safe and well build HEMA weapons.Only con is it's weight. but still a 5/5
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