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April 3 Update: We are still up and running! Yes, some things are running out of stock and will not be restocked for a while but we have plenty to keep you occupied while you are training solo. If you want to check first, please open the chat bubble below.
Thanks for keeping us working, we really do appreciate it!
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Award Rudis

A Rudis was a gift to a gladiator for a special achievement. This signified his release from a slave to a freeman. Our Rudis is an excellent and unique give for someone who has completed service in the military, retired, or completed an academic achievement.

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Our Line of Imported items from VB (in from Hungary) is ever-growing!

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Buckler with Leather Covered Face - 15" Round Rudis - Victoria Style
Price: $69.00

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Price: $75.00

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Buckler with Leather Covering Face, 15" Round Rudis Victoria with white handle grip.
Buckler with Leather Covered Face - 15" Round
Rudis - engrave with your own text and images
M7 Bayonet Dagger Trainer Mini Helmet, Gladiator, with Rectangle Stand
Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $11.99

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Price: $69.95

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M7 Bayonet Dagger Trainer Gladiator Mini Helmet Stand
M7 Bayonet Dagger Trainer

The blade does not flex on thrusting, but provides good simulation for moderate level training.

See Sizing tab for more information.
Mini Helmet, Centurion Version
Steel Techniques Feder with Pear Pommel The Sword: Form and Thought
Price: $199.00

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Price: $70.00

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Steel Techniques Feder with Pear Pommel The Sword: Form and Thought

Catalogue on the occasion of the same named special exhibition in the Deutsches Klingenmuseum from 26th September 2015 until 28th February 2016. Edited and with contributions by Barbara Grotkamp-Schepers, Isabell Immel, Peter Johnsson, and Sixt Wetzler. Photos by Lutz Hoffmeister.

This high quality exhibition catalogue not only features excellent photographs and detailled descriptions of numerous historical swords, but also competent essays on the history, manufacture, and military and cultural importance of the weapon.

Swedish blade-smith and expert Peter Johnsson has produced true-to-scale drawings of each of the almost 50 featured sowrds, detailling the geometrical design of the weapons. He explains these geometrical design princliples of the Middle Ages at great length in an eassy. Further essays deal with the use of swords, their depiction in medieval art, the Fechtbuch traditions, the smithing processes, and further sword subjects.

A "must have" for every sword enthusiast!

Bi-lingual edition (German/English), soft cover, 192 pages, numerous full colour photographs, drawings, and other illustrations.

New Products

Price: $459.00
Tournament Feder, 46", Moderate, Rolled Tip
Sale Price: $259.00
Competition Sharp Longsword V1
Price: $350.00
Training Feder, Rev A, Flexible, Rolled Tip
Price: $279.00
Steel Tournament Feder VB Revision C
Price: $269.00