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Do you have a printed catalog?
  We are an Internet, WEB only company and part of the reason we are able to have low prices is we don't have the expense of constantly printing, updating and mailing new catalogs.

Our online catalog is constantly changing and expanding as we receive requests and additional input from our customers. Our goal is to have an extremely comprehensive online catalog but we want it to evolve through input from our customers. 

If you have a particular product in mind that you don't see in the catalog or would like us to quote prices on some specific items e-mail us and we'll try to oblige. It's very possible that your suggestions will end up in the catalog. We aim to please and look forward to your support.
Do you still sell Indian Clubs?
  We have moved the clubs to
Hickory or Rattan Singlestick?
I don't recommend the hickory for full sparring, unless you are in a controlled sparring environment with someone you know and have a good bit of experience. Sparring at about 75% power/speed. The hickory is 1" diameter and heavier.
The rattan you can go all out with a thick sweatshirt or better. You just need padding more than puncture resistance. Some just wear a helmet and gloves. The rattan varies from 5/8" to about 7/8".
So obviously the drilled holes are different. You can make up the difference by wrapping tape around the stick to fit the 1" hole better.
For Strength training, I'd go hickory.

Another option is to weigh the rattan. Put a small towel on the sword really adds weight and wind resistance making it a good workout.
How can I contact you with a question?
  You may email Christian with a product question at  You may email Natasha with a status or availability question at natasha@woodenswords, or call or text 713-857-4921.  Normal business hours are 8 am to 7 pm Central time.
Warranty Information, Clothing, other items.
  If your clothing does not fit, or you are not happy with the product, contact up and you can send it back for credit and/or purchase a replacement. You are responsible for return shipping costs. If its defective, contact us and we will decide how the return or replacement will be handled. Please let us know within 60 days or minimal use of the product. We are a small company and you are dealing directly with us, so we are flexible and want your shopping experience to be a good one.
Warranty Information, Wood Wasters and Synthetics.
  These weapons were called wasters for a reason. Eventually they will get wasted. They are designed to hit other wasters, scrape the ground, hit pells, and hit your opponent. But just like every thing else, depending on their use/abuse, they will eventually be too torn up to use anymore. If you think they are too beautiful to spar with (and I understand) and you hang them on your wall or only wear them to Renaissance Faires then they will last forever. If you do contact drills or techniques with them three times a week, they will last awhile, but just like steel or any other material they will not last forever. My warranty is this, if the damage is due to a wood or manufacturing defect I will repair/replace. I will also refund your money if you are not totally satisfied with the quality or purpose of my product within the first 30 days. Virtually all breaks occur within the first month of the wasters being used due to cracks in the wood that we did not see during manufacturing. Just contact me about the the circumstances and we will resolve it promptly. Our waster are the finest on the market, you will not be disappointed.

The warrany does not incude use against a solid pell. This includes steel pipe and wood posts. Solid pells do not absorb any impact and it goes straight to the blade. If you do pell work, it needs to have layered carpet around it. Or free hanging rubber tires.
Waster Care, Synthetics
  The main issue with the synthetic is blade warping. Keep out of heat like enclosed cars or your garage. If you do, lay the blade flat or hang it from a string. Areas of high humidity can affect the blade as well. Houston, Florida in particular. So keep your blade inside and A/C environment as much as possible. If you blade does develop a slight bend, then use a hair dryer, heat up the blade at the worst point. Heat it all around the blade, straighten it, then let it lay flat and cool down. It will stay straight.

Cleaning can be done with hot soapy water.

The guard is an alloy spring steel. That prevents it from bending, but its also prone to rust. So a bit of oil or sanding may be necessary.

Stainless steel pommels will be fine forever. Steel pommels may rust also. But typically after a while, your hand oils will stabilize the pommel with a nice patina.
Waster Care, Wood
  Your waster will be coated with a mixture of Boiled Linseed oil and Mineral Spirits (about 50/50). This creates a barrier between the environment and the wood to prevent it from from drying out and becoming brittle. You can not over-oil them!  Let the oil sit on the wood for 15 minutes then wipe the excess away with a clean cloth. If the wood is very dry, there may not be much to wipe away.  The oil will provide superior protection to the wood and extend its useful life. Tung oil can also be used with much the same results and give a shiner finish. Its just a little more expensive.  An old North Country English saying is
Once a day for a week,
Once a week for a month,
Once a month for a year,
And once a year for life.
Well, that's a lot, but it will last forever.  Although one of my best customers has not oiled his for 10 years and he still regularly uses them with no problem.
A light sanding with the 220 grit sandpaper can also be used to removed dirt and grime that builds up on the handle area.
Caution: Please be careful with Linseed oil, since wet rags can spontaneously ignite, so follow all safety precautions.  We have seen it happen, so please be careful.
Regularly check your waster for any splinters that may appear. These should be sanded out with 120 grit sandpaper and then smoothed over with 220 grit. Re-oil the spot as required.
Do NOT leave your waster in direct sun, heat, or water.  This include leaving them in your car.  This will cause the blade to warp and will not be covered by our warrantee.
Do NOT use wasters against steel weapons or steel armour.  Wasters hitting a round surface is typically OK, but any sharp edges such as on a rim of a helm will gouge the wood if their is sufficient force.  This is also not covered by our warrantee.
Do NOT use beeswax, varnish, polyurethane, or paint on your wasters, this makes the weapons look pretty, but does not penetrate and preserve the core of the wood.  Some beeswax applied in the handle area to keep the dirt away is OK, but not on the blade section.
Do NOT neglect oiling your sword.  The wood moisture content in the wood will change just like your skin.  A dry air conditioned house to a humid workout room will cause the wood to warp.  Oiling can prevent this.  Also without oil, the wood will dry out and splinter with contact.  This is not covered by our warrantee.
With proper care and maintenance your waster should last many years to come.
What questions should I ask before buying a waster?
  Since Martial arts are seeing tremendous growth right now there are many people jumping on the bandwagon and making inferior and dangerous wooden training swords. After all what's the difference between a wooden toy and martial art equipment?   We have a select vendor list of approved distributors around the World.  Some of these people have made copies of our swords that look similar in a picture, but with inferior wood and joining techniques.  Before purchasing a training sword...

1.  Ask if it is made of high quality select species impact grade hickory. Often pecan or some lesser quality species of hickory get mixed in.   Hands down, hickory and some select South American and African exotic woods have been used for years in martial art equipment. 

2.  Ask if the wood has been selected and dried for use in martial art equipment or for use in kitchen cabinets.  Cabinet wood is too dry, varied species, lower grade,  and unacceptable for martial art use.

3.  Ask how the guards are attached to the blades.  Purpleheart Armoury is the only company that has a three point a solid lock on the shoulder of the blade and a holding pin through the guard and blade.  Our guards can not be pushed back onto the users hand unless you absolutely destroy the blade and guard.  If they use a 'wedge method' of tightening the guard to the blade, it will come loose very soon.  Reject this method.

4.  Ask if its a Purpleheart Armoury or training sword!
What type of woods do you use?
  Our Wasters are made from crop grown American Hickory, the best wood for martial arts weapons.  Hickory is used to make axe and hammer handles so it known for toughness and durability. Sometimes called 'impact grade' it is also used in the press beds for steel forming machinery.  It has a good weight that gives the weapon fair balance when compared to it steel counterparts. Our Wasters are solid wood weapons made to withstand the rigors of serious martial training. They are designed after actual weapons in the same manner as historical wooden practice-swords ("wasters"). They are ideal safe, practical, training tools.  

We do not use hickory that is purchased through cabinet maker shops like many other weapon makers do.  This results in an inadequate species of hickory (there are 5 species in the US and only 2 are useable) or more likely pecan will be used.  Cabinet wood typically has more defects and is incorrectly dried.  The hickory that we select is hand pulled in a very select region of the United States.  Sorted for highest quality by the lumberjack, inspected by the sawyer, then inspected at 5 different operations during manufacturing.  Ask others where they get their lumber and I guarantee it will be from the local lumber yard. 

There are many other tropical hardwoods such as ironwood, bloodwood, purpleheart, cocobola, etc, that can make excellent wasters.  But due to the cost, time, and questionable origins of these woods they are not available.
How do I buy/redeem a gift certificate?
  To purchase a gift certificate for someone, click here. If you are the recipient of a gift certificate and would like to redeem your gift certificate, click here.
How do I use a coupon?
  After adding items to your cart, click the "View Cart" link at the top of this site to view your cart. At the bottom of the shopping cart you'll see a box where you may enter your coupon code.