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Neyman Gorget (Throat Protector) Neyman Gorget (Throat Protector)

Throat protection with combination of semi-rigid plates
and fabric to assure nothing gets through. While getting the
best balance between protection and comfort we achieved feather like
weight. Product easily fits under HEMA jackets.

Price: $84.95
Neyman Leg Guards (Pair) Neyman Leg Guards (Pair)

Designed on the base of late medieval plate armor. Our HEMA leg guards
protect tibia bone and sides on the ankle joint.

Price: $89.95
Neyman Full Arm Protection Neyman Full Arm Protection

Our HEMA Arm Protection contains Neyman HEMA Bracers, HEMA Shoulder protection and upper-arm cover (which is unavailable in separate order due to its requirements).
Foam is black with Black Straps and red stitching.

Price: $115.00