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DVD - Fundamental Indian Club Movements
Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $19.99

You will learn methods of holding, various styles of swinging and see the proper execution and techniques of rhythmic club swinging. The main lesson is followed by an exercise review,

- Introduction and Safety
- Front Half circle - Back Half Circle
- High Front Pass
- Wrist Rolls

Over 28 minutes of professionally shot instruction.
Indian Clubs 1 lb Pair
Price: $54.00

Revolution Clubs 1 lb Indian Clubs.  Revolution Clubs
Indian Clubs 2lb Oak Pair
Price: $76.00

This is a pair of RevolutionClubs.Net American made hardwood Indian Clubs.
Indian Clubs 3lb Pair Oak
Price: $99.50

Pair of 3 lb White Oak clubs.  20 inches overall length.