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PBT Fencing Mask
Price: $99.00
PBT Fencing Mask
In stock now!

PBT Fencing Gorget - imported from Hungary.

One size fits adults, child size available, please ask.

PBT Leather Back of Head Mask Cover
Absolute Force Fencing Mask
Absolute Force Mask Cover with back of the head protection.  Fits onto any fencing mask.
One size.
The back of the head mask overlay is a protective element that secures the back of the head and protects the area where the mask ends. The overlay is made of several layers of resistant fabric, a protective layer as well as three mobile plates made of super-hard plastic.

Mask not included..
SPES HEMA Mask Overlay with Back of the Head Protection
Medium currently out of stock.

This Washable Black Leather Neck Protector is specially made for HEMA players. It is soft and padded (with plastic insert Padding) providing protection for the neck, yet it is comfortable to wear.

Absolute Force Fencing Basic HEMA Mask
Absolute Force HEMA Basic Fencing Mask w/Removable Lining