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Type III Messer V2
Price: $115.00
Sale Price: $99.00
Type III Nylon Messer: The Purpleheart Type III synthetic messer recreates the German long knife used during the 14th to 16th centuries. The same quality material as our classic Pentti sword series. This features a metal pommel for balance, and a steel guard with a nagle for extra strength and protection.

Historical examples were approximately 30 inches overall with a 24-inch blade, and weighed 2-2.5 lbs (.9-1.1 kg). Use of the messer is shown in several fencing manuals, including Lecküchner and the Codex Wallerstein. The Type III messer waster balance tends more towards the tip, as befits the heavy cutting blade of actual messer examples. Think of it as a German-sized Bowie knife, and you will not be too wrong.

During the German Late Middle Ages and Renaissance (14th to 16th centuries), the Messer was a term for the class of single-edged bladed weapons, deriving from the medieval falchion and preceding the modern sabre.

The Messer was part of the curriculum of several fencing manuals in the 14th and 15th centuries, including Lecküchner, Codex Wallerstein and Albrecht Dürer

Knightshop Synthetic Langes Messer - Complete
Black blade, messer guard, grip and standard pommel only.
Knightshop Synthetic Messer
Price: $86.00
Sale Price: $62.95
Knightshop Synthetic Longsword - Complete
Knightshop Synthetic Messer Blade
Custom Aluminum extended pommel
KS Pommel Extended
Price: $14.00
This is an extended pommel that will increase the grip on the longsword by about 2".  Its typically used to make the longsword into a greatsword and the shortsword into a type of *** sword.
Synthetic Baskethilt - Complete
Messer guard to fit on the KnightShop messer blade.