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Knight Shop Synthetic Short Sword - Complete
Knightshop Rawlings Synthetic Shortsword Blade
Type III Synthetic Long Dagger

Many of today's competitive Historical European Martial Arts groups (HEMA) rely on synthetic wasters as an integral part of their total training spectrum. These synthetic wasters are suitable for most drills, sparring, and free fencing with appropriate protective gear for hands, head, and body. Every training tool is a compromise between shape, weight, cost, and performance. With the right material and careful distal tapering, Purpleheart's Type III wasters provide an excellent combination of these qualities. The blade flexes well in the thrust even in highly competitive environments. This means a greater margin of safety for your fencing partner. The blade flexes quickly and retains enough stiffness to permit dynamic and vigorous fencing actions with a minimum of unrealistic blade whipping. At the same time, the blade thickness helps distribute impact force compared to steel blade edges, making for a slightly safer training alternative. Purpleheart Type III synthetic blade durability is unrivaled. These training tools can stand up to years of daily, high impact training.They do not develop splinters like wood, or sawtooth notches like steel. For best performance, store them as you would a steel sword when your equipment is not in use: in a cool, dry environment and resting flat or hanging by the crossguard. Heat, humidity, and resting a weight on top can all cause the blade to bend and take an undesired set. Treat it well, and this tool will serve you for years with almost no maintenance.
Custom Aluminum extended pommel
Cold Steel's Synthetic Medieval Bucklers are made of strong plastic that hold up very well against wooden wasters and plastic/synthetic swords.

Not for use with metal weapons.
Obsesseo: The Art of Sword and Buckler Combat DVD by Dave Rawlings
This is an extended pommel that will increase the grip on the longsword by about 2".  Its typically used to make the longsword into a greatsword and the shortsword into a type of *** sword.
Synthetic Baskethilt - Complete
Synthetic Baskethilt - Complete
Knightshop Shortsword Synthetic Guard Only - for replacement or substitution purposes only.