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Rudis Rudis Rudis Victoria with white handle grip.
Price: $55.00

Price: $54.99

Rudis - Victoria Style
Price: $75.00

Gladius impact grade hickory for martial arts training and reenactors.
Rudis - engrave with your own text and images
100% Made in the USA

Rudis - engrave with your own text and images
Gladiator Mini Helmet Centurion Mini Helment
Mini Helmet, Centurion Version
Mini Helmet, Centurion Version
A beautiful metal eagle mounted on custom carved wood for a historical look. The woodworking is done by a Vietnam Veteran in our family, and finished with a furniture grade stain.

Get one side of the wood custom engraved (text or small logo) for free. Get additional sides engraved for $8 each.

The base is removable, allowing you to mount it on our Roman Aquilifer Standard as well.

See Sizing tab for more information.