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Octagon 1-1/2" Ultimate Octagon Standard
Round 1" (25mm) Standard Round 1-1/4" Ultimate
Round 1-1/8" (28.5mm) Strong

Here is our method for strength testing. Notice the strength meter.

1" 3 layers: 570#'s
1 1/4" Solid: 585#'s
1 1/8" Solid: 664#'s
1 1/8" 2 layers: 732#'s
1 1/16" octagon: 2 layers 591#'s (shown)

Custom Lengths:
To request a custom length, place an order for the next size up and in the order entry comment section tell us what length you would like that staff to be cut down to. Please allow 1/4 tolerance. A once per order $2.50 cut fee will be manually added to your invoice.

Engraving: We can do it. Usually about $4 each. Email me cd@woodenswords.com