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Synthetic Baskethilt - Complete
The basket-hilted Scottish broadsword or Claymore has long been a symbol
for Scottish independence and the fierce regard in which Scots warriors
are still held. While the rest of Europe emphasized the use of smaller,
lighter swords or curved cavalry models, the Scottish weapon retained
its medieval flavor. Veteren swordsmen and accomplished authors Paul
Wagner and Mark Rector present five key treatises that offer a wealth of
advice for fighting with both the basket-hilted broadsword and the
single stick -- an ash or rattan stick mounted in a wicker or leather
basket-hilt, used both for training and as a weapon in its own right.
Included are complete transcriptions of:Anti-Pugilism by Sinclair,
illustrated with copper plate engravings; MacGregor's Lectures on the
Art of Defence; The Art of Defence on Foot with Broadsword and Saber by
Taylor; Fencing Familiarized by Mathewson; and Henry Angelo's On the Use
of the Broadsword, rendered in full color.These texts contain useful
exercises for historical swordsmen of any background. In addition, Paul
Wagner provides a full introduction.
Synthetic Basket and Pommel Only