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Synthetic Baskethilt - Complete
Highland Swordsmanship: Techniques of the Scottish Sword Masters
by Mark Rector

The Scottish Highlander has been romanticised in poetry, song and legend; immortalised in the figures of Bonnie Prince Charlie and Rob Roy. His reputation as a fierce fighter and deadly swordsman was much more than a myth - a proud tradition of Scottish fencing masters taught the use of the backsword, smallsword, target and dirk from the 17th through the 19th centuries. These masters were as colorful and diverse as the Scottish people themselves, from the upper-class 'Anglicised,' Sir William Hope, to the bawdy, soldier-turned-fencing master Donald McBane, who ran a fencing salon out of his wife's brothel. In this omnibus edition, Mark Rector presents two classic manuals of Scottish swordsmanship from the days of Culloden.

Includes two reproduced publications:

Expert Sword-Man's Companions by Donald McBane
New Methods of Fencing by Sir William Hope

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Highland Broadsword: Five Manuals of Scottish Regimental Swordsmanship
by Paul Wagner and Mark Rector

The basket-hilted Scottish broadsword or Claymore has long been a symbol for Scottish independence and the fierce regard in which Scots warriors are still held. While the rest of Europe emphasized the use of smaller, lighter swords or curved cavalry models, the Scottish weapon retained its medieval flavor.
Veteran swordsmen and accomplished authors Paul Wagner and Mark Rector present five key treatises that offer a wealth of advice for fighting with both the basket-hilted broadsword and the single stick -- an ash or rattan stick mounted in a wicker or leather basket-hilt, used both for training and as a weapon in its own right.

The treatises included are:

Anti-Pugilism by Captain G. Sinclair
, illustrated with copper plate engravings
Lectures on the Art of Defence by Archibald MacGregor
The Art of Defence on Foot with Broadsword and Saber by John Taylor
Fencing Familiarized by Thomas Mathewson
On the Use of the Broadsword by Henry Angelo
, rendered in full color

These texts contain useful exercises for historical swordsmen of any background. In addition, Paul Wagner provides a full introduction.

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