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  Texas Assault Singlestick Tournament Pre-Registration

Price: $15.00

Texas Assault Singlestick Tournament at Dickens on the Strand
  • Texas Assault Singlestick Tournament at Dickens on the Strand - Galveston Texas
    December 8th. 11am - 6pm

    $15 early registration, $20 at the door.
    $15 for a t-shirt

    Location at the Elissa Tall ship in Galveston Texas.
    Texas Seaport Museum

    No experience required and we encourage stick fighters from various
  • disciplines to participate. HEMA, WMA, SCA, Escrima, Fencing,
  • Scottish/Highland Games renactors, etc.

    Registration opens at: 11am. Fencing starts at 12 noon.
  • show up early since the area will be very crowded and difficult to get
  • to. Fencing will be out doors on the deck around the Elissa. The
  • finals will be held ON THE DECK OF THE 1877 tall ship ELISSA!!! Wow.

    - Fencing masks required. Loaners are available, please contact us before hand just to make sure.
  • Padded gloves for your sword hand are needed. The hilt will protect
  • your hand, but some type of thick padded hockey glove is needed to
  • protect your wrist on your sword hand. Loaners are available upon early
  • request. Hockey gloves can be purchased for less that $20 at sporting
  • good companies. They must cover the wrist. Single layer gloves are not
  • acceptable like work, welding or swordsman gloves.
    - A sport fencing jacket (heavy duty material) or thick sweatshirt is the minimum requirements. A padded jacket
  • or plastern is recommended.
    - Sword arm elbow guard is recommended.
    - Rattan singlesticks with leather baskethilts will be provided.
  • Historic dress is not required. But highly recommended. Black HEMA
  • gear with knickers is fine. Fencing whites are fine. A sweatshirt worn
  • under a historic shirt would work well. Let us know what you come up
  • with.


  • be posted soon. This is a sporting event and we are making every
  • effort to not be biased towards a particular style. All participants
  • will be using the same weapon. We will need some judges from difference
  • backgrounds. They will call the action and hits.
    - There will be no thrusting.

    Tournament structure:
    To be determined based on number of
  • participants. We plan on each person to have at least 6-10 bouts.

    The tournament will be head in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of Dickens on the Strand in Galveston Texas.
    Dickens on the Strand, Galveston, Texas

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