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  Knightshop Synthetic Longsword

You only get one pommel per sword - please choose only one standard OR
disc option.  If you choose two a black standard pommel will be send as a
Price: $84.00

Blade Color:

Longsword Guard:

Longsword Grip*:

Standard Pommel:

Disc Pommel:


***Only one pommel included in complete sword. If you choose disc and standard a standard will be sent to you.***

*** Stainless Steel guard on backorder - no estimated delivery date, be prepared to wait 3-4 weeks for delivery of your sword if you choose stainless guard ***

*** Due to a special purchase, we can offer $4 off for Blue longsword grips only. While supplies last! ***

Knightshop Synthetic Longsword - Complete Blade Length 96.5cm (38”) Guard 24cm (9 ½”) Handle/Grip 19.5cm (7 ¾”) Pommel 6.5cm (2 ½”) Hilt Length 27cm (10 ½”) Total Length 124cm (48 ½”) Total Weight 785g
(1.73lbs) POB 6" All sizes are approximate. From the manufacturer's website: Our swords are designed as the ultimate training tool. They can be used like a waster for Drilling and Pell Work and can also be used for Sparring (with appropriate protection). The Blades are constructed to flex in the last 1/3 towards the tip. This gives us a blade that can be used for thrusting (protection should ALWAYS be worn) without being whippy. The blade/tang joint (traditionally a weak point) is reinforced by a steel rod running along the full length of the handle. This also removes any flex in the handle traditionally associated with plastic training swords. The Standard Guard is constructed from nylon. The ball shaped quillions are designed for safety when sparring (large surface area = less chance of being impaled). They are modeled using the same dimensions as seen on an existing 15th Century Longsword. This is a nice example of a historical design that helps us with safe sparring. The slide on Grips are constructed from a thermoplastic elastomer to provide the feel of leather over wood. They offer excellent impact absorption without feeling spongy. The Pommel is constructed from nylon. This provides our swords with excellent balance and makes them safer than metal pommels for pommel strikes. A brass nut is molded into the pommel to provide a tight metal on metal joint to the tang. The swords can be taken apart easily by unscrewing the pommel. This not only makes transporting them easy – it also allows you to customize your sword with our range of interchangeable parts (available separately). Materials Our range of swords is manufactured in the U.K to the highest quality. They are constructed from high grade nylon (U.K. sourced for quality control) instead of cheaper polypropylene used by other manufacturers. Nylon swords offers much greater durability, impact resistance and performs in a wider range of temperatures.
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